Welcome to the digital home of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (Trinity ELC) in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.

Trinity ELC is a community of people just like you. We’re ordinary people enjoying the beauty of life, but also struggling together with the mess of our lives and this world, from birth to death.

Trinity ELC is something like all those other Christian churches. We share the same general confession of faith in God who has shown Himself to be one and yet three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We share the same Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ; the same Bible through which God still speaks; and many of the same practices of Christianity as we worship, learn, witness, and serve together.

Trinity ELC is also distinct from many of those other Christian churches. In saying this we don’t believe ourselves to be better than other churches or separate from them as part of the body of Christ. We are distinct however, in that God has called and gathered a unique group of people at Trinity ELC around a distinct confession of faith and life. At the heart of our confession is that salvation is God’s work COMPLETELY and that our primary work is to bring the assurance of God’s forgiveness, life and salvation through Christ to all who see their need.

Trinity ELC is all about what God is about: the salvation of all people through Jesus Christ. We participate in God’s mission of salvation by gathering together for worship every week to receive the good news of what Christ has done for all people. We offer weekly small group gatherings where people are taught and equipped to follow Jesus. Through worship and disciple training we prepare people to engage daily opportunities to share the good news of Christ’s salvation and serve our neighbours with God’s compassion and love.

We would like to share Christ’s eternal gift with you. Even the best of life in this part of the world averages a mere 80 years. Much of life however, is characterized by discontent, meaninglessness, sadness, broken relationships, despair, sickness and ultimately death. At Trinity ELC you will receive the gift that will fill you with peace and will carry you through the struggles of this world and into life everlasting.

Come and see what Jesus can do for you!

Current and Upcoming Events

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