Merry Christmas

Merry-Christmas-2013Some people are just natural gift givers. They’re the ones who seem to know when to give and what to give so that you feel special.

I wish I was one of those persons. Instead, I often find myself wrestling to find an appropriate way to say to those closest to me: “You are special.”

So at this time of the year I feel overwhelmed by the cards and gifts from you that tell me “you are special.” I wish I could respond with more than, “Thank you.”

It’s something of the same feeling I get when I consider what God has done in coming to be among us in Jesus Christ. He enters through the back door of some backwoods barn; lives under the radar and then bursts onto the scene to announce the love of God and to reveal the gift of that love in his death and resurrection for me and for all.

Wow! How can any of us do anything in return except to say thanks and to live a life of thanksgiving.

So thank you for the gift of Christ in and through you. To God be the glory – Soli Deo gloria

– Pastor Tim

At Trinity ELC we offer the following opportunities to learn, be encouraged and to live out the gift God’s abundant life, alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ and with those God loves through Christ: