Gleanings from Today for Tomorrow: 03.03.18

This is what I gleaned on my journey today. Look at what God calls you to and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.  Peace be with you.
– Pastor Tim

5 facts about U.S. evangelical ProtestantsThis article offers some insights into Canada at 10% the size of the US, but also a more secular country. Of particular interest to me is the growth of unaffiliated people (+6.7%).

“Understanding the End Times Part I” … This is the first in a series of podcasts dealing with the issue of the end times. Various views of the end times are explored biblically, with emphasis on the Lutheran/Reformed doctrine of amillennialism. Dr. Kim Riddlebarger of the “The White Horse Inn” is the guest being interviewed. Watch for future episodes in the days ahead.

Introducing LCMC’s New Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry, Pastor Perry Fruhling…Perry’s work will focus on continuing the development of call committee coaching, call committee workshops, and the certification process for pastors. Here is the official news release from LCMC.

Preparing our children for university...For many parents today church and Christian education is either a non-essential or simply a side-dish, prioritized below sports and almost every other activity. It is no wonder that our children cannot face the spiritual slough when they get to university. Will they then take that Wicca course because it looks cool or because they are hungering for something their parents never provided them with?  How is your child being prepared for the spiritual battle?

Buck-A-Month Club…It’s March which brings with it the campaign month for the LCMC Men’s Buck-A-Month Club. What is the Buck-A-Month Club?  It’s a special “club” within LCMC Men that funds the Loan Fund. The Mission Loan Fund is a fund from which mission and small congregations can receive interest free loans for building purposes.  You become a member simply by donating a dollar a month…$12/year. Currently, the loan fund has $127,548.64 that is available for distribution.  Twelve dollars is a donation that is affordable by nearly everyone, so please talk with the men of your congregation, let them know how easy it is be become a Buck-A-Month Club member, let them know how the money is used and how much good their contribution can do with church planting and church building. Let’s perhaps plan for this for the fall. Here’s the information flyer.

Canadian Government Pushing Drugs…You may be aware of the federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana for general public use. There is a group seeking to either block that move or at least have it reworded so that children cannot gain legal access to it. If you would like to participate in a petition opposing the legalization of marijuana check out this site.

Thank you Ladies…for your service at Legacy coffee hour.

Youth Centre…There are still 22 kids awaiting a mentor for 1 hour per week. Check it out if you are interested.

Medical Clinic social worker Lisa McBride mentioned the following at the latest interagency meeting: Transportation in Ponoka is still a major barrier. The presence of economic crisis is still a major problem. Talks of a warming facility with bagged lunch for next year. Affordable housing a real struggle, especially for men in their 50’s who are not candidates for any program and have no dependents.