Gleanings from Today for Tomorrow: February 25-26, 2018

This is what I gleaned on my journey today. Look at what God calls you to and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.  Peace be with you.
– Pastor Tim

Confirmation Assignment...Please follow this link for the assignment. Print it off, complete and return to PT next week.

Lutheran Youth Gathering…Things are going great with the planning for the Youth Gathering in May. Hope you are getting your youth excited and we have a wonderful turn out. Please feel free to contact me (Teresa Peters, Diaconal Minister, St. Peter’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, (204) 775-6477 {Church}, (204) 338-2440 {Home}, (204) 292-6229 {Cell},, with any questions you might have. Here’s the folder with all the information for parents and youth. Shelly Ree from Barrhead is inviting youth to join their group in going.

Inactive Members…We had one member suggest: “…contacting them by phone is a good start. You may want to keep it simple by asking to do a quick phone survey (M/C with room to comment) about church. Invite them to attend and if they say no then ask them if they would like to be removed for the roster.”

Worship Today…Here is a link to the message: “Membership Matters – The Purpose of the Church.” Beth continued to teach us the books of the Old Testament. We have now covered from Genesis to 2 Chronicles.

Lunch…Thank to everyone who provided for lunch and for those who cleaned up.

The Annual Meeting…was held after worship. Reports were given and the budget was passed. Allow me to make some comments regarding questions asked. Sanctuary renovations. The renovations to the front will allow people to commune from floor level without having to go up stairs. Renovations will also assist the Altar Guild in their clean up. The budget was higher than what we brought in last year. This is the way it has been for many years. We pass a budget that is higher than offerings, but we have never come close to spending the budget. Expenses have always been lower than budget and by December we manage to balance offerings and expenses (even had a surplus this year). Yes, we transfer from special funds, but that’s why they are there. What about our GIC’s? If you look at the age of this congregation, those GIC’s ($75,000) could easily be drawn on if we lose a few key contributing members to death or long-term care. I would estimate we have about 5-10% of our contributions given by people in fragile health.