Gleanings from Today for Tomorrow: February 22-23, 2018

This is what I gleaned on my journey today. Look at what God calls you to and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.  Peace be with you.
– Pastor Tim

Communion Assistants…Thank you to Hilda R. for coordinating this important ministry of assisting with communion on Sunday morning and at Rimoka once per month. This is a simple and yet very important ministry that any confirmed member can help with. Training is provided, service is once every 6-8 weeks and you are providing the very gift of God that will preserve people in faith unto eternity. What member of Christ’s body would not want to share this gift of life?

Ladies Bible Study – Friday at 10:30 am at Trinity ELC. All are welcome.

Jeremy Koleba is the pastor at the Open Bible Church. We’re meeting on Friday to plan the presentation and discussion at our men’s breakfast gathering n March 4. Plan to be there!

Florence Nightingale…One night during the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale was walking through a hospital ward. She paused and bent over a seriously wounded soldier. As she looked at him, the soldier looked up and said, “You are Christ to me.” These same words could be spoken to any Christian by those who are on the receiving end of your giftedness. When you use your spiritual gifts, you are being Christ to those you serve. Contact PT if you would like to discover your spiritual gifts.

Dirty hands and wet feet…Martin Luther said this about Jesus: “He was no ghost.” In other words, Jesus didn’t float around earth like some disembodied being. He arrived on the scene and got his hands dirty and his feet wet. That’s what characterizes gifted Christians – dirty hands and wet feet. Isn’t that what it means for us to be Christians at Trinity ELC?

The definition of a team…A team is a group of individuals who:

  • Are committed to accomplishing the same purpose.
  • Establish measurable objectives that determine the team’s progress in accomplishing that purpose.
  • Share information and feedback with one another.
  • Make group decisions.
  • Hold each other accountable.

Is this how we work at Trinity ELC? As a member, are you part of the Trinity ELC team? Check out this video to see how geese show us the wisdom of teamwork.

Affirming Our Differences in CommunityC.S. Lewis write the following (Mere Christianity, p.158): “Christianity thinks of human individuals not as mere members of a group or items in a list, but as organs in a body—different from one another and each contributing what no other could. When you find yourself wanting to turn your children, or pupils, or even your neighbours, into people exactly like yourself, remember that God probably never meant them to be that. You and they different organs, intended to do different things.”

We really do need each otherA story illustrating our interdependence.

Billy Graham…By now you have probably heard that Billy Graham passed away at age 99. Billy Graham was instrumental in showing me my sin and pointing me to the cross of my Saviour. It was at age 15 that I first heard God’s call to ministry through Mr Graham’s preaching. It is sad to say goodbye to this saint, but we will meet again in much better place one day.

My pastor just called…Yes, I have a pastor who monthly checks up on me to see how I am doing, asking me questions about my ministry, the congregation and my family; holding me accountable for parts of my life that I have invited him to do so. Is that what you would like me to do?

What’s happening in the North American Lutheran Church (NALC)?…I am certified as a pastor with both LCMC and NALC. Check out what’s happening around NALC in their monthly newsletter.

Renewing and reviving the aging church…The local congregation is “graying” at a rapid rate. Over 10,000 people each day are turning 65 years of age. Instead of lamenting the “aging of the church,” we need to embrace it and help older adults grow in their discipleship of Jesus. Through “second half ministry” a congregation can be renewed and “re-fired” for mission. Check out page 7 of the NALC Newsletter for information about their webinars. Perhaps we could even watch it together. Here are some others to watch.

Vision for a pastor…Bishop Bradowsky from NALC lays out a vision for Lutheran pastors (NALC Newsletter p.8). I wonder whether my Elders or the Council Executive might discuss this with me and hold me accountable to growing as a Christian pastor?

What’s the same or different?…On March 4 the men of our congregation and the men from the Open Bible Church will be getting together for a breakfast and conversation about our similarities and differences. How much are we the same? What are the core differences? Familiarize yourself with what we believe and confess and what the OBC say they believe.

Prayer Request…Please pray for Myra R. who went in for emergency retinal surgery today. Heavenly Father, we pray that you would guide the surgeons and other medical staff who will be repairing Myra’s eye. We place her in your loving hands. We also pray that you will help us surround Myra and Adolf with the support they may need in the days ahead. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.