Gleanings from Today for Tomorrow: February 20-21, 2018

This is what I gleaned on my journey today. Look at what God calls you to and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.  Peace be with you.
– Pastor Tim

Daily Devotions…If you haven’t had your devotions check out “Gathering Grain” and hear the Gospel in the midst of your complaints and the complaints of others. Remember Margaret E. in your prayers as she undergoes surgery today.

American Civil Religion…Listen to this podcast from Issues Etc. It is an interview with Dr. David Adams of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He describes the “civil religion” that can easily be confused with true Christianity. If you’ve heard someone say or perhaps said yourself, “This used to be a Christian country,” you’ll find this podcast interesting.

Cookie Jar…We’re on our last bag of cookies and we’d hate to see the “bottomless cookie jar” go empty. If you love making cookies, perhaps you could donate some to fill our jar and our freezer. All of this contributes to the ministry of hospitality.

LASSIE…Need help in witnessing to others. Check out this brief message I prepared that has Lassie help you with this important Christian calling.

Inactive Members…We have about 145 baptized members who have not been active (worshiped, communed, donated, participated) for more than two years. Some churches simply remove them from the roster. Others send letters and try to visit them. Still other churches simply forget them. What would you have Council do about these people? What would you do? Let us know below.

Prayer Request…Here’s a short list of congregations and pastors from our church body (LCMC) that you could pray for today.

End of the Year Financial Statement…This is final statement on our income and expenses. Here is also the January income and expense statement.

God, I Need to Talk to You: Stories about God’s Love and Forgiveness…God invites His children to pray about everything, including their sins and temptations—and He promises to hear! This 24-book collection presents extra special prayers about common concerns young children encounter in their daily lives. Perhaps you might buy it for your children, grandchildren or for our library.

Ponoka Care Centre Auxiliary…I had worship there today and then visited with Percy J. (doing well) and Wilma B. (doing way better). Perhaps you might consider joining me for worship next time (Tuesday, March 13, 10 am) and/or visiting with one of these people. Mark it on your calendar and let me know. WE are the Church and they are too. Let’s connect!

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions-A Readers Edition of the Book of Concord …I received a request to order this book containing the essential teachings of the Lutheran church. If you would like a copy also, let me know by Thursday. The book is on sale for $19.99 US plus shipping. Follow this link for more information.

The Life of Martin Luther Bible Study: Luther’s Trial and Exile – Wednesday, 1-2:30 pm…open session

Membership Class…Wednesday from 5-6:30 pm…closed session

Christian Caregiving Course…Wednesday from 7-8:30 pm…closed session

Deacon’s Report…Do you wonder what the Deacons are up to? Check out their report.

Small Catechism Reading/Devotional/Study Plans…This was just sent to me. Would this be of interest to you? Let me know. Reading Plan. Devotional/Study Plan.

ESSENTIAL EXERCISE FOR THE CHRISTIAN MIND… Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show and podcast produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  This week’s topics include: The Movie “Black Panther,” State Islam in France, The Hymn “In the Cross of Christ I Glory,” Creation, Ruth, The Church and more.  You can listen live or on-demand at and on the LPR mobile app.

Prayer Requests…The Prayer Team is always available to receive your prayer requests. On Sundays you can get your prayer requests to the Prayer Team by filling out a prayer request form found on the lectern just before you enter the sanctuary.