Discover God’s Vision for Your Life

Image result for Discover God’s Vision for Your LifeThis is one of the new courses we will be offering beginning Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 7-9 pm.

The centerpiece of Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life is an eight-hour course that helps people understand spiritual gifts, find out what their own gifts are, and get excited about using those gifts in ministry.

Through Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life, men and women are mobilized as ministers—called by God to use their unique spiritual gifts.

Participants in Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life will . . .

  • Deepen their relationship with God
  • Understand and celebrate the spiritual gifts God has given them
  • Understand God’s call for their lives and ministries
  • Use their spiritual gifts to help meet the needs of others

This is what others have said about this course:

“Nothing else in my life has ever inspired or energized me this much. Now that I’ve taken the time to explore God’s vision for me, I have a new life.”

“This course opened the door to what God wanted me to do next in my life.”

“This course helped me focus on the area of ministry where I was most effective. Ministry is now more rewarding for me and more valuable for God’s kingdom.”

“Knowing and confirming my gifts has made me more eager to serve.”

“I’m 70 years old, and I’ve experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in my life more profoundly through this course than I have anywhere else.”

The deadline to sign up is November 30, 2017. Please contact the office or Pastor Tim to register.