Preparing to prepare for worship

Image result for Preparing to prepare for worshipEven though our lives are to be a reflection of worship 24/7, God calls and gathers us into Christian communities to worship him. In worship we express that God our Creator, Saviour and Counsellor has more value than anything else in life.

Trinity ELC‘s worship time just happens to be at 10:30 am tomorrow and you will be welcomed to join us, as I hope you will be welcomed in other Christian communities wherever you may live.

Tomorrow I will be addressing the topic of “Preparing to worship.” Now you might ask, “Can’t I just show up for worship?” Most certainly, but just as you can do almost anything by just showing up there is something about preparation that will enhance your time with God and with His people.

If you’ve read this post so far, God is already preparing you for what you truly need and I’m sure this preparation has not been painful.

I do hope and pray to see some of you in worship tomorrow and others, I trust that Christ who has promised, I am with you always to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20), will meet you among the people you will worship with.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Tim