Letter from Linda H.

Linda H. is a missionary we support in Thailand. She will be back in Canada soon and will be with us on Sunday, July 9. Here is her most recent newsletter.

Hi dear friends!

Eat. Pray. Walk.

Sounds pretty good, eh? It’s the new theme for downtown Bangkok, with signs promoting it every few steps.

But it’s not what you think.

The ‘pray’ is all to idols. Take your choice. Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese, Animist. They’re all there. And it hits me one more time why God sent me here, to this wonderful people called Thai. He loves them. He wants them home with Him.

They won’t get there without someone telling them. Someone being His arms, His heart, His words, His touch. It takes so little sometimes – I walked into our little slum church last Sunday and within 3 minutes was holding a weeping slum woman in my arms for the next 20. Her grief and loneliness were so deep. What can you do but hold and pray? So that’s what I did. A missionary emails me, “ I feel so crushed, so low, so alone”. And God gives me a word from His heart. I send it. And she writes back, “It describes what is happening to me right now..now I just need to step back as He said, running to His arms and find my peace and rest in Him”. I know this woman has a long term call to this nation. She does too. But the battle is hard. 99.2% of 65 million Thais don’t know Jesus.

That’s why YOU are so important to me! Your prayers, your emails, your care, your support…for over 30 years we have been winning this battle, one heart at a time. And right now, I get the awesome privilege of equipping the next generation of Thais. And others! Thanks SO much for praying for the Akha Coaching for Change Workshop. It seemed sometimes that every time I took a breath, something was changing with that! In the end, it went from being an English language only workshop (the ideal) to a 3+ languages workshop! We’re low budget, so we had none of those nice little headphone sets to do simultaneous translation. It was an adventure at times, a time full of God’s grace and power. We had pastors and leaders from Burma and northern Thailand, oh so hungry for whatever we could teach them. Amazing heart worshippers of Jesus! The last day I was teaching on God being our cheerleader, and how we need to be that for one another. The Holy Spirit came and all over the room, tears fell. So many serve God with all they have, all they are, but are never affirmed, never encouraged. God stepped in right then, and poured His healing balm in their hearts. Joy! Jesus joy! Now they want us to do a workshop in Burma J

From there it was into teaching ‘The Fatherheart of God’ to a mini Discipleship Training School. Because it’s a ‘mini DTS’, they usually teach different subjects each day but the DTS team felt to have 3 days on God’s Fatherheart.  And they asked me to do it. Gulp. Why ‘gulp’? Because this was God’s revelation to me in my DTS in 1982. It was a major pivot point in my life. So what do you do when the task is way bigger than you are? Jump into His arms. Lean into His heart. And listen.  Then, and only then, do.  Thank YOU for your prayers! From the first hour of the first day, God poured out His Papa love on students and staff (the team leader asked me to minister to the staff too). Their hearts were so soft towards Jesus. So hungry for Papa God’s love. Ever feel like you’re in a slice of heaven and don’t want to leave? It was like that. Three days of Almighty God loving them as the Father He is. Close. Real. Personal. As one of the students wrote: ‘Thank you Papa to meet you. You make me feel falling in love and make me sure I’m a Papa (God) girl that who I be. I love You..” One of the staff wrote “Now I am absolutely confident I’m a child of God..I’m His special one”.

What’s next? First, thanks to dear friends who gave me the airtickets, I head home for my sister’s 70th birthday June 24-July 10. August I’m studying for one week at Oxford (a dream come true), then, from September to December, I’ll be helping put on at least 4-6 workshops all over Thailand – lots of planning to do for each one! Please pray for the Holy Spirit to make each all He wants it to be, to the praise of Jesus! Outside of that, life is full with all the other roles I have: Mercy Ministries Coordinator, Bangkok Ministry Group Leader, Equip team member, Leadership Development Team leader, PLF Board member.

May you EAT your fill of the blessings given by Father God, may you PRAY knowing He hears the smallest whisper, and may you WALK in the freedom, live and love of Jesus.  Hugs and more hugs from

Linda in Thailand             June 21, 2017   lindaher@loxinfo.co.th