Christian Formation: Words for you

Image result for Christ for youGod comes to save sinners, rebels, people lost, blind and broken; people separated from God. He has done this through Christ who lived, died and rose that all may know the power of God’s forgiveness, life and salvation.

That’s the big picture in a nutshell, but although true it sounds theoretical and generic. So I invite you to say this out loud:

God came to save me, a sinner, a rebel, one who was lost, blind and separated from God. Because God loved me He sent His only Son who lived the life I could not live; who died for my sins, my rebellion, my blindness, my failures; and who rose, conquering death, that I may know the healing power of God’s forgiveness, life and salvation. In Christ I am His child, I belong!

Remember who you are apart from God and remember who you are because of Christ.

His powerful word spoken in the waters of baptism, in Holy Scripture, in preaching and in the Lord’s Supper keeps you anchored in who you are as God’s child and who God desires your spouse, children, family, friends, neighbours and even enemies to be: children of the heavenly Father through Christ.

May the Holy Spirit continue to form you in these words centered in Christ alone.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Tim