Worship and welcome

Image result for welcome in the name of ChristI invite you to worship tomorrow. Actually, it is God who invites you to worship.

Not that God needs your worship, but that you need what God offers as His people gathered around His Word and Sacrament – to confess your sin; to hear God’s promises of forgiveness in Christ and to be fed in a way that reorients your life compass toward God’s mission and the ministry He has called you into.

Even if you are away from our congregation, attending another one, you are being called by God to gather and worship with His people. This is the picture of God’s kingdom: God’s people together (Matthew 22:1-14).

It is into the community of God’s people gathered around His word that God invites you and wants to welcome you home. During the week we are like prodigals (Luke 15:11-32), constantly wandering away from God and into our own selfish ways. God is inviting you home, whether that be at Trinity ELC or some other Christian church, to hear again His welcome.

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday, the one Sunday in the church year that we reflect on God who is one and yet three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three persons are a divine community who share everything so that what the Father is, so is the Son and so is the Holy Spirit, one and yet three – a great mystery of our faith. It is into this communion with God and with Christ’s body, the Church, that you are invited into and welcomed.

Tomorrow in our congregation we will focus on this welcome that we receive from God through Christ and the welcome we are called to extend to others in the name of Christ.

So please join us or join a Christian community worshiping in the name of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19) and hear and taste the Lord’s welcome.

Peace be with you.
– Pastor Tim