Leadership: Our Elders

Image result for church eldersTonight your elders meet (Grant J., Shawn C., Terry O.). The pastor is considered the chief elder.

The elders have been elected by the congregation as part of Council. They are overseers of ministries related to the Word. They normally meet once per month to review ministries such as worship and Sunday school, as well as identify the spiritual needs of our congregation. Another one of their responsibilities is to annually review the work of the pastor.

The pastor has five main areas of responsibility:

  • Worship (preaching, administration of the sacraments, planning and leading worship….)
  • Christian formation (basic instruction in the Christian faith and preparing people to be disciples)
  • Pastoral care (visiting the sick and distressed)
  • Leadership (working with Council to give direction to the congregation)
  • Equipping (training people for mission and ministry)

The elders will review and evaluate Pastor Tim’s ministry among us. If you have some affirmations or suggestions for improvement please pass them along to one of our elders.

The elders will also be reviewing:

  • Whether to offer Sunday school for pre-school age children only. School age children would then be in worship and parents would be offered resources to support Christian education at home.
  • Worship review feedback