The Latest from Charles and Anita

Dear Friends at Trinity,

Hello! Thank you so much for your generous monthly support for us to be WMPL’ers living and working here in Mongolia. This month we were also able share to some your financial gifts to help out the local Bible school (United Bible Theological College, which trains pastors and church leaders) as it needs some emergency support to fix their furnaces this summer in preparation for winter use.

Thank you also for your prayer support for our work.  God is good; we see His Hand working and directing His people; we pray for unbelievers to respond and have changing lives.

We are quite excited at the prayer movement in Mongolia: In 2012 the national Mongolian church formed a committee which organized churches to take turns in a 365 days/24-Hour Prayer Day.  This 365/24 Hour Prayer has continued daily and is in its 5th year.  Sundays had been excluded, but this year all 365-days of the year are covered with churches praying 24-hours.

Our Mongolian church here which has a  prayer group on Tuesday mornings and a prayer and worship service on Friday nights (as well as Sunday services and Wed. Bible studies), has now added having 7:00 AM prayer times on Mondays and Saturdays.  (The Saturday prayer was changed to 8:00 AM as the buses were not running that early on week-ends; now people can arrive to church on time.)  The common topics for which we pray, are for our church outreach, missions and for unbelievers.

May God touch people’s hearts so that all may respond to Him and believe.

Anita & Charles