A prayer to begin this week

Image result for John 5:24 esvCome Holy Spirit, be with me as I embark upon this day of certainty. Despite the attempts by Satan to worm himself into my thoughts and actions, I can be certain of your love and the presence of your redeeming blood for the atonement of my sins. Because I am your child, I can be certain that whatever adversity crosses my path this day that I can call upon your name and break free of the shackles Satan attempts to bind me with. You are my God, the Great Redeemer. Through your Son, Jesus Christ, I have the assurance that I shall spend eternity with you in heaven. Bless me with divine encounters today so that I may be a faithful witness of your love, grace and forgiveness. Grant me the opportunity to be a blessing to one who is a stranger to your Word so that, they too, may find eternal peace and assurance that you are their God too, ready to ease their burdens and heartaches. Praise to you, O Christ. For you are the Great One, the Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega, and in you do I place my trust. Amen.

– Author: George H Brooks

About TELC

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is an assembly of about 400 persons whom God has called and gathered into Christian community through their baptism into Christ's death and resurrection in order to participate in God's mission here in Ponoka Town and County and wherever we journey.
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