Who’s that knocking at my door?

Related imageWe’ve probably all had religious visitors at our door. They are most likely either the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s). These two religious groups are on the outside very difficult to distinguish from Christianity for the average non-Christian and even for many Christians.

Both of these groups are active proselytizers. The average JW spends ten hours per month going door-to-door. We certainly have to give them credit for their effort which has contributed to a growth rate of 2.25% each year – far more than most Christian churches.

Many of these door knockers are genuinely concerned for your salvation, but they are also at your door because they believe it is a requirement for their salvation and an expectation for Kingdom Hall membership.

They are well trained, attending five hours of weekly meetings that ensure indoctrination into key teachings and how to address opposition from those who know better. Independent thinking is not encouraged within the group and a trained JW visitor knows where she or he wants to take you.

What do JW’s believe?

  • “Jehovah” is the only proper name for God.
  • Jesus is not the true God, but merely the “Son of God,” a lesser god than Jehovah (they are not trinitarian like Christians).
  • The governing body of the JW’s is the only source of communication with God.
  • JW’s can pray to Jesus, but they cannot worship him and if caught doing so, they are expelled.
  • The Holy Spirit is impersonal.
  • Only 144,000 people get into heaven (the rest of us get annihilated).
  • The “good news” is that in 1914 Jesus became the invisible ruler of God’s kingdom in heaven and the Watchtower Society, the visible agent of God on earth.

So when they come to your door, love them, share the true gospel with them (Jesus Christ crucified and risen for sinners), but keep their false teaching away from your heart and mind.