Lenten Devotion: At the foot of the cross

Image result for Isaiah 52:13-53:12Read Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Luther says that this is the “foremost passage on the suffering and resurrection of Christ, and there is hardly another like it” (LW 17:215). The Suffering Servant endures all sorts of violence against him, and yet he does not retaliate. In fact, he keeps his mouth shut; he remains quiet in his forsakenness and affliction. Isaiah maintains that we are all sheep who have gone astray from the Shepherd, but it is precisely the Shepherd Servant who is the lamb led to the slaughter to bear the sins of many.

What sort of emotions arise for you as you read this passage?

Isaiah says that the servant will be lifted high and greatly exalted. How does this reflect Jesus being lifted up on the cross? Where is the exultation?

Today our greatest witness is that we gather with others who have gone astray at the foot of the cross. Please join us in worship this morning at 10:30 am or with another assembly of Christians near you.