Lenten Devotion: Afraid to follow Jesus?

Image result for afraid to follow jesusRead Matthew 26:1-5

The crucifixion narrative, when read in its entirety, has tremendous power. It can be almost overpowering to the hearer. The excruciating detail, the knowledge of where
the road is going, the injustice, the suffering and betrayal, simply hearing this entire chain of events leaves the listener bereft. One of the challenges of Holy Week is to faithfully
preach Christ crucified, understanding that the Crucified Christ is the Risen Christ.

As the chief priests and the elders of the religious community gathered at the home of the high priest, they vowed to kill Jesus, but they wanted to wait until the festival had concluded. They didn’t want to make a scene when there were so many extra people in Jerusalem.

Why do you suppose they were so careful to wait until the Passover Festival was over before they arrested Jesus? What were they afraid of?

Are you afraid to follow Jesus? Perhaps today you could sit down to read the entire passion: Matthew 26:1-27:66.  This is the story of the One who did it all for you.