Lenten Devotion: Suffering

Image result for sufferingRead Isaiah 50:4-9a

The servant of God recounts his suffering but also his vindication by God. Though he was not rebellious he was still struck down, insulted, spat upon and disgraced. In spite of this suffering, the servant trusts that the one who will save him is near. No one can declare him guilty when the Lord God helps him.

In what ways does the Lord aid the suffering and shamed?

In what ways can we identify Jesus with this suffering servant?

Suffering is not something we look for or bring upon ourselves as Christians. However, as we faithfully live together under the reign of Christ, witnessing to the crucified and risen Christ and walking with those in need of God’s mercy, suffering may find us. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare you to welcome suffering today in the name of Christ and for his glory.