Lenten Devotion: A threat

Read John 11:38-45

Finally, after the experience of grief has already shrouded Jesus and his friends, Jesus does what he came to Bethany to do. With nothing but his word, he calls Lazarus back from the realm of death. “Lazarus, come out!” The power of his word breaks even the chains of death. From this moment forward the leaders of the people would look for ways to destroy Jesus.

Why would Jesus’ power over life and death be such a problem for the religious leaders?

God’s mission is welcomed by some and resisted by others. Your witness and your life of mercy will be like a breath of fresh air for some people, but for others it represents a threat. Good news is only good news to those being saved. For others, the noise of sin, death and the power of the devil is too loud. In those cases, we must shake the dust off and move on.