Lenten Devotion: Condemned and forgiven

Image result for condemned and forgivenRead Romans 8:1-8

Drawing on his previous argument in chapter 5:16-18, Paul proclaims that there is no condemnation for those who live in Christ Jesus. As judgment arose out of the sin of Adam, a sin that all humanity shares in, so through one man’s righteousness is the condemnation wiped away. Jesus, though he was sinless, made himself an offering for sin and through that he condemned sin rather than condemning the sinful.

What does it mean to be condemned? In what ways are we now free from that condemnation?

God’s law condemns all of us as sinners. Our life together as the church is not to prove that we are not sinners, but to bear witness to God’s forgiveness in Christ. Today may you carry that witness with you into the part of the world you travel through.