Lenten Devotion: Walking in the light

Image result for Ephesians 5:8-14Read Ephesians 5:8-14

One of the greatest challenges that comes with our freedom in Christ is sorting out how to live in this life. Every day we are faced with decisions and choices in which we have to discern the right path. In this passage from Ephesians we get a glimpse of what this Christian life looks like. Life in this world is about living as children of light. It is about
putting aside the ways of darkness. It is bearing the fruit of light in the world.

The problem for sinners is that we are not as good at discerning light and darkness as we need to be. And we’re not always great at discerning good fruit from empty calories. The Christian life is one of constant seeking to determine what actions reflect Christ’s love to our neighbors. It isn’t easy. But the Christian life is also marked by the holy and certain hope that we are daily being forgiven for Jesus’ sake.

What are some things that make it complicated for us to sort out good fruit from empty calories?

What is easy about loving others? What is difficult about it?

What are some ways of speaking of the Christian life without undermining the promise of the Gospel?

I often hear people say, “I know I’m supposed to do this or that, but I just don’t do it.” The Christian life is not an individual or private affair. It is people whom the Holy Spirit has called and gathered together to walk together. The more we are together in worship, small groups and one-on-one times, the more we can encourage one another to bear the fruit of the light of Christ in the world.