Lenten Devotion: Deaf and blind

Image result for deaf and blindRead Isaiah 42:14-21

It seems that God’s plans would be more easily implemented if he chose better people to carry them out. But all he has to work with is a bunch of sinners. In this passage from Isaiah we see God taking upon himself the task he had first given to his servant Israel. Despite being chosen and beloved by God, his people proved no less blind, no less deaf, no less prone to idolatry than anyone else. These verses point us ahead to when God will take on flesh in Jesus Christ and his work of salvation will finally be complete.

In what ways are we like those who look but do not see, or those who listen but do not hear? How is that changed when God himself opens our eyes and ears?

In what ways has God managed to open your eyes and ears in your life? What means does he use? What are some of the “cast images” we are prone to worship as our gods? What makes idolatry so easy to slip into?

Every Sunday in Lent we have have been singing the song “Lord have mercy.” Listen to the song and read its lyrics below. Use it as your confession today and may the Holy Spirit open your eyes, ears and mouth to the good news of forgiveness in Christ.