Lenten Devotion: Too good not to share

Image result for John 4Read John 4:5-26

Jesus speaks of a life-giving water that will quench thirst once and for all. Those who receive what he is bringing will have everlasting life. Jesus also explicitly identifies himself as the Messiah. When speaking with this woman who had no reason to think she would have a place in God’s plans, Jesus revealed a great deal about who he was and what he was up to. This Samaritan woman, with her five husbands and one non-husband, had inside information about the
unfolding of God’s plans in the world.

What is this life-giving water? How do we get it? Do you think believers are immune from dry-spells, where faith seems far away and thirst seems to go unquenched?

What do you think it was like for that Samaritan woman to live out her days with this knowledge of who Jesus was? Do you think it affected her daily life?

How does knowledge of who Jesus is and what he is doing shape the daily lives of believers? Are we more inclined to keep this knowledge to ourselves or share it with others?

If by faith we have received the gift of Christ we hold in our lives a life changing and eternal treasure. Will you keep it for yourself or share that blessing with others? Even though this Samaritan woman was less than perfect and perhaps knew only a little about Christ she could not help but share this life-quenching Saviour with her neighbours. Go with Christ and share the good news he has given you.