Lenten Devotion: Obstacles in the way

Image result for John 4Read John 4:5-26

When Jesus came to the well, the Samaritan woman had no idea who she was talking to or what he was talking about. As we read this exchange we can see the many places she
misses the point of what Jesus is saying. He speaks of giving her living water and she points out that he doesn’t even have a bucket. He explains that those who receive his water
will never thirst again and she is relieved by the thought of not having to haul water every day. She is deaf to the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words.

How does this woman’s certainty of what she knows get in the way of her hearing what Jesus is saying?

How does our human “knowledge” get in our way when we are confronted with God’s Word?

There are so many things that get in the way of us drawing closer to Christ, closer to our brothers and sisters in Christ, closer to those who need to hear the good news and closer to those who simply need to feel the mercy of God in their lives. Thanks be to God that Christ did not let these barriers separate him from this Samaritan woman or us. Instead, Christ spoke to the outcast, healed the leper and died on the cross for you and for all.

In the name of Christ you are forgiven, set free and empowered by the Holy Spirit to move past the obstacles of sin, death and the devil to live life with God in Christ; life together within Christ’s body and life with the neighbour who needs the story of God’s love in Christ and those very real acts of mercy God can provide through you.

Go in peace and serve your Lord today.