Lenten Devotion: Dealing with complaints

Image result for complaintsRead Exodus 17:1-7.

It is difficult to imagine being saved from slavery in Egypt and then so quickly resort to complaining against God and expressing a desire to be back in Egypt. The people of Israel
almost seem like the image of a spoiled brat. God has gone to great lengths to rescue them from Egypt, but their minds are filled with the thought that they were much better off in captivity. They are convinced that the God who just saved them has now forsaken them.

It isn’t so unusual for us to question God’s presence with us when we are faced with difficulty. Despite being saved from sin and death, we sometimes grumble, wondering why God doesn’t do more for us.

Is it unreasonable for the people of Israel to think God will or should provide for their needs in the wilderness? What makes Egypt seem appealing to them?

How does sin trick us into thinking it is something we freely choose, rather than something we are caught in?

Perhaps today you will find yourself complaining about something or you will meet someone else doing the moaning. Maybe it won’t be directly toward God, but isn’t all grumbling ultimately a failure to trust God?

If there is anyone who truly has a complaint is it not God? However, instead of complaining God sent his only Son to redeem us from our complaints and provide us with the living water of Christ’s death and resurrection that cleanses, heals and fills us with peace.

What might be your witness today to those who would prefer to complain?