Lenten Devotion: The Message

Image result for Luke 24:46-49Read Luke 24:46-49.

Dr. Ed Stetzer tells the story of running up the stairs to tell his daughter something important only to forget what he was going to say. When his daughter opened her bedroom door all that he could say was, “I love you.” In itself this was an important message, but not the one he came to tell.

Dr. Stetzer then compares this to being sent out into the world to bear witness to people we meet, but forgetting the details of the message. All that many of us are left with is, “God loves you.” This is an important message, but its importance is in the details.

The details Jesus speaks of after his death and resurrection are the same details that he began his ministry with: “Repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15).

Why does Jesus begin with a message of repentance? How might you share that with someone you meet? Where does repentance have to occur in your life?

What are the details of the gospel message? See Luke 24:47. How does this become part of your witness?

God indeed loves you, but out of that love calls trapped sinners to a life of forgiveness and repentance. Go in peace to walk in the details of God’s love.