Lenten Devotion: Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Image result for MAtthew 28:18-20Read Matthew 28:18-20

Perhaps you remember the Sesame Street song “Who are the people in your neighbourhood?” The answer that the song offers is: “They’re the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street.”

Jesus sent his disciples and sends us out to the people that we meet every day in our families, our neighbourhoods, at work, in the coffee shop, wherever. These are the people we have been called to go to, to make disciples of, through baptism and teaching. This is God’s command to every baptized child of God.

How often we fail though and yet God in Christ continues to come to us, encouraging us to go, engage, share.

So who are some of the people you have met over the last couples of days or people you will meet today? Write their names down, prayer for them, be prepared to share with them the life Christ has given you.

Now some of these people we meet are not the easiest to get along with. Some make us feel uncomfortable. Perhaps they are the “Samaritans” in our lives.

Is the love God has shown you in Christ to be held back from them because you are uncomfortable? How might you love them also?

You are not alone as you head out the door today to be a disciple. You are part of the body of Christ and it is Christ himself who made a wonderful promise to you in that passage you read.

What is Christ’s promise to you as you go to make disciples?

Go in peace and serve the Lord.