Lenten Devotion: Made Right

Image result for Romans 4:1-8, 13-17Read Romans 4:1-8, 13-17

In our relationships with one another, we are often keeping score, keeping track of what we are owed or what we owe. Whether it’s keeping track of whose turn it is to take out the
garbage or keeping track of how many times someone has hurt us, the tendency is there in all of us. We want to know where we stand in relation to those around us. Do we owe?
Or are we owed?

We often assume that our relationship with God is also based on transactions. We figure that God is keeping track of everything we do, and our job is to offset the marks against us with acts of faith and righteousness. But here in Romans Paul reminds us that the right relationship with God is the relationship of faith, trusting in God’s promises.

If our righteousness comes through faith, what is the purpose of the law?

How does trusting in our ability to obey the law make the gospel null and void?

Paul describes God as calling into existence the things that do not exist. Faith is one of those things that does not exist apart from God’s calling it into existence. Apart from God’s
Word and God’s Spirit, true faith, saving faith, cannot be. But God’s Word brings faith into being, even in the likes of sinners like Paul and you and me.

How are we tempted to take credit for our faithfulness?

How is the way we witness and evangelize shaped by our understanding of faith as a gift?

God gave you the gift (Christ) to make you right and even gave you the gift (faith) to receive that right. Now go in peace, all right and share that righteousness with the person you meet today.