Lenten Devotion: The Call

Image result for Genesis 12:1-9Read Genesis 12:1-9

God called and Abram went. There was no discussion. There were no questions about where the journey might take him. There wasn’t even a question about who was calling
him. God spoke his word to Abram, and that Word took root in Abram, bringing him to faith. God’s promises to Abram moved Abram to action. They moved him to leave
everything behind to go on a journey to an unidentified land. They moved him to abandon the known in exchange for the unknown. It makes sense that Abram is recognized
by Paul as the model of what faith looks like.

Do you think God chose Abram because of his faithfulness or that God’s choosing created Abram’s faith? What difference does it make?

What is it about God’s Word that would move Abram to do such radical things? What is God’s Word moving you to do?

Go in peace and serve the Lord as he calls you today.