Lenten Devotion: Death and Life

Image result for Romans 5:12-19Read Romans 5:12-19

In our time we have tried to downplay the relationship between sin and death. Death is spoken of as a natural and necessary aspect of the created order. We even refer to death as just another ‘transition’ in life, on to a different place. But Scripture is consistent on linking death to sin. The link between sin and death is part of the fallen order. Death is not just a transition or phase. In this fallen world, it is the enemy.

In what ways do we experience the link between sin and death? Do you think we can link specific sins to specific deaths?

In verse 18, Paul tells us that Christ’s act of righteousness leads to justification and life for “all men.” Just as sin is tied to death, righteousness is tied to life. By taking away our sin
Christ is taking us out of the realm of death into everlasting life.

When Paul says Christ’s act was “for all men” does that mean everyone is automatically saved? How can Paul’s statement be true, without implying universal salvation?

How does Christ’s righteousness get extended to us? In what way does life in Christ change our thinking about death?

Though sin and death are all around us, may you walk in faithful assurance that in Christ you are forgiven, made right with God and sent out to share this good news with others affected by sin and death.

Go in peace and served the Lord.