Lenten Devotion: The Fall

Image result for Genesis 3:1-21Read Genesis 3:1-21.

That is the condition humanity has lived with since the Fall. We are not content to be God’s creatures. We want to be our own gods instead. Sin, then, is not simply particular bad behaviors. It is the condition of being in rebellion against God. It is our desire to overthrow God’s reign and be our own lords.

In what sense did the snake trick or deceive Eve? What’s so bad about wanting to be like God?

What are some ways this sinful condition is apparent in us?

As soon as they ate the fruit, the people’s eyes were opened. For the first time they experienced shame. They had a sense that, not only should their actions be hidden from God, but they themselves should hide from God and each other. They covered themselves up because of their shame. Adam and Eve both tried to shift the blame for their actions. Neither wanted to admit that they were disobedient or faithless. While they willfully took of the fruit, they didn’t want to be held responsible for what they had done. They didn’t want to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Who is to blame for the Fall?

In what ways do we try to shift the blame for our actions? What is the relationship between the human will and our bondage to sin?

This passage seems to leave us cursed and sitting in bondage to sin, death and the devil, but in Genesis 3:15 we are given a ray of hope. This verse is called the first promise of the Gospel: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” Here we are pointed forward to the good news that an ancestor of Adam and Eve will deal with our inherited disobedience and faithlessness by bringing it to an end with the defeat of Satan on the cross. We know this ancestor’s name to be Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Today you can trust in the promises of God in Christ Jesus that you have been set free to grow into the image of God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.