This Week at Trinity ELC

Image result for happy birthday anniversaryHappy Anniversary and Birthday to the following people this week:

Hailey H.


PT is away on vacation for the next two weeks. In case of emergency please call one of the following:

  • Grant (Elder) (403-341-9335)
  • Shawn (Elder) (403-783-1458)
  • Terry (Elder) (403-350-0000)
  • Pastor Ted (403-312-3493) – Asker Lutheran

Image result for men's breakfastThe Men’s breakfast group continues to meet on Thursday (7:30 am) at CalNash for its weekly fellowship time.


Image result for Leaders' MeetingsLeadership Meetings: Deacons (Thursday at 12:30 pm)



Image result for prayer groupThe Prayer Group meets on Thursday (1:30 pm) at Trinity ELC to lift the needs of people in our congregation and larger community. Please pass on any prayers through the office.

Image result for Ladies Bible studyLadies Bible Study – Friday at 10:30 am



Image result for Men's breakfast'Trinity Men’s Breakfast – Saturday at 8 am…Trevor B. leading



Image result for Baptism of our lordJan.7  Sunday Worship10:30 am…Family Potluck Fellowship after worship


Image result for remember in prayerPlease remember in prayer the following people: Betty S., Alice B., Margaret E., Carol M., family of Annie Rowen