Week 24 in 2016 @ Trinity ELC


Men’s breakfast group. Join the men for their weekly breakfast discussion on Tuesday morning at CalNash (7:30 am).

Ladie’s Aid Supper on Monday at 5:30 pm. This is the last meeting until the fall.

Trustees meet Tuesday at 12 noon at Pho and Rice.

Deacons meet Thursday at noon at Tim Hortons.

The Prayer Group meets Thursday at 1:30 pm (TELC).

The final Family event before the summer is this Friday (5:30 pm) at Mark and Caitlin Jorgenson’s.

Sunday worship. Sunday ends/begins the week with worship (10:30 am).

Sunday’s sermon. In case you missed the message for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost or would like to listen again please follow this link or click below. This is not the message delivered by Pastor Marty Tuer (guest speaker), but a supplement, in case you missed Sunday.