Week 18 in 2016 @ Trinity ELC


Join the men for their weekly breakfast discussion on Tuesday morning at CalNash (7:30 am).

The Elders will be meeting Tuesday evening at 7 pm. Please remember to read the first chapter of the book we are studying.

The men continue their Bible study session on Wednesday afternoons (1:30 pm) at Trinity. They are currently studying the book of Philippians.

The Landing meets Wednesday at 3:30 pm (at TELC).

The Prayer Group meets Thursday at 1:30 pm (TELC).

The women meet for their journey through the Bible study on Friday at 10:30 am (TELC).

Sunday ends/begins the week with worship (10:30 am) and Sunday school.

In case you missed the message for the Fifth Sunday of Easter or would like to listen again please follow this link or click below.