Week 15 in 2016 @ Trinity ELC


Join the men for their weekly breakfast discussion this morning at CalNash (7:30 am). The Ladies Aid group will be meeting Monday evening (7 pm) for their monthly Bible study and fellowship meeting.

The men continue their Bible study session on Wednesday afternoons (1:30 pm) at Trinity. They are currently studying the book of Philippians.

We will continue our Small Catechism study on Wednesday (10:30 am) and Thursday (7 pm) by considering the question: “What is Christianity?”

The trustees (Tuesday- noon) and the deacons (Thursday – noon) will be meeting over lunch for their monthly meeting.

The women will be meeting on Friday (10:30 am) to continue their walk through the Bible study.

Sunday ends/begins the week with “Ask da Pastor” (9 am), worship (10:30 am), and a coffee/dessert appreciation for Kristine (after worship) and confirmation continues at 6 pm.

In case you missed the message for the Third Sunday after Easter or would like to listen again please follow this link or click below.