Skating on the Word

This coming week is filled with opportunities to grow in faith and in communion with Christ and one another.

On Tuesday we will place our first congregational order of 25 copies of The Lutheran Study Bible. Getting this Bible is the first step, but the second will be to learn how to use it. After Christmas we will begin a five-part study to do exactly that.

In the meantime, you can still join others in studying God’s Word this week: the men on Wednesday afternoon (1 pm); the women on Wednesday (7 pm) or Friday morning (10:30 am); the Sunday morning text study group (9 am); and of course Sunday morning classes for the children.

Sunday morning is also the time we gather to grow deeper into the grace of God through God’s Word and Sacrament. Our eagerness for this ought to be like one man who weekly asked his pastor: “Reverend, is there any word from the Lord?”

Being fed on God’s Word prepares us for the week ahead, but this coming Sunday we will also be fed physically as we join together for our annual Christmas potluck.

The physical feeding continues as we are all invited to gather at the local skating rink to skate or even just watch the younger ones enjoy their time on the frozen water. This event will be followed by meeting back at Trinity for hot chocolate.

As we study God’s Word, worship and fellowship together God promises to hold us up on the promises He made to us in baptism. God’s Word, worship and the support of fellow believers enables us to skate through this life and into the next always grounded in God’s Word.

– Pastor Tim