Preparing for Christ’s return

This coming Wednesday our congregation begins again to host “The Landing.” This is a ministry to young people struggling with various life issues and looking for healing and hope. Please speak with May H. or George J. about how you can support or participate in this ministry.

This coming Sunday is the beginning of the new church year and the season “Advent.” Advent is far more than getting ready for Christmas and little baby. In fact, its focus is on endings and new beginnings.

Advent is preparation for the second coming of Christ – not a second baby, but the King of kings and Lord of lords.

The best way to be prepared is to deepen one’s connection with God through His Word. This is the focus of our congregation ministry this fall and winter. We want to establish a firm foundation together in God’s Word. I heard one pastor recently say that it is only as a congregation is united that it can bear fruit. Being united in God’s Word will bear all the fruit God desires for us and those we serve.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to unite around God’s Word  and to gift yourself or someone else with a copy of The Lutheran Study Bible and then join us in a five-part study beginning in the new year. If you are unable to afford a study Bible please speak to me and we will make it possible for you to get one.

Preparing for Christ’s return is an act of faith by which we grow deeper in God’s grace by growing deeper into God’s Word that reveals to us both our brokenness (sin) and the healing forgiveness and new life we can have through faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

– Pastor Tim