Discipleship workshop…finally here

MVanderTuigThis is the big weekend for us as a congregation. Pastor Mark Vander Tuig of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ will be arriving on Friday evening to meet with Council at 7 pm.

On Saturday Mark will lead us in a discipleship workshop that begins at 10 am and includes lunch. It will be done by about 4:30 pm. There is a small registration fee of $10 per person which will go toward our local mission fund.

On Sunday Pastor Mark will be preaching. I wonder if the topic will be “discipleship?”

Discipleship isn’t a cute program that will turn us all into super Christians and grow us into a mega-church. No, discipleship is the life we as baptized Christians have been called to live every day as we follow Jesus Christ, the One who has made it possible for us to be disciples.

We hope you will seriously consider attending to grow together with us in this life of Christ-centered discipleship.

– Pastor Tim