Book Review: What They Need to Hear

What they need to hear

We often include prayers for unsaved loved ones in our congregational worship service. Such concern reflects the growing number of people even within our own families who have become disconnected from the message of the Gospel. Prayer is one thing but how does one reach out to someone we love with the message of Christ?”

Sometimes those who have heard it at one time are the hardest to reach. At the same time, many Christians don’t know how to share their faith or are unsure if they are saying the right words.

In What They Need to Hear author Klemet Preus shares ninety letters he wrote to his dying father-in-law, Lloyd, who had been baptized as a child and confirmed, but had left the church and Christ behind later in life. It was through these letters that Christ once again touched Lloyd’s life and he returned to Christ and the church before his death.

Each letter is short and could be read as a devotional, but as I read the book I found I couldn’t just read one letter. The book offers excellent explanations about the Christian faith and at the end outlines six principles for evangelism.

This book soon be in our library or a copy can purchased through Amazon or Concordia Publishing House.

– Pastor Tim