Book Review: House of Living Stones

House of Living Stones

Could life in a Lutheran congregation be worthy of a book? Katie Schuermann, in her first work of fiction entitled House of Living Stones, proves this to be more than true.

I recently ordered this book for our library and decided to read it even though I resist reading books that appear to be soap operas. However, the opening chapter pulled me into the life of a congregation I had experienced in so many of the places I have served.

Schuermann brings to life the choir directors I have worked with, the single pastors who have been my colleagues, the old secretaries who make all those crazy spelling errors, both the pain and healing that happen as people live together as God’s people.

I started reading this book a found only to find myself pulled along by a very real story that doesn’t hide the sin of people’s lives, but unfolds how God’s grace in Christ leads people to forgiveness and new life.

The book is a relatively short read and would be excellent for anyone interested in a book group since it also includes questions for reflection at the end.

I highly recommend it for purchase , or loan it from our library as soon as it gets processed and I look forward to Scheurmann’s next book in this series entitled, The Choir Immortal.