Rediscovering the King

crucified_jesus__the_face_by_devcagerA member of the congregation gave me a book last week. It was entitled, Rediscovering the Kingdom.

Whenever I consider reading a book I try to first evaluate it from the outside. In other words, you can learn a lot about a book by its cover or at least by the first few pages.

In assessing a book’s value it’s important to answer questions like: “Who is the person writing?” “What is the author writing about?” From reading the table of contents, the preface or introduction you can even find out what the writer’s main point is.

There are many books out there labelled “Christian” that may be nice to read, but really are not very “Christian” in terms of theology. There are lots of “Christian” books out there that represent a theology that is not centered on God’s grace, the gift of faith, on Christ alone or emphasizing a theology of the cross.

As we approach Christ the King Sunday this weekend, the last Sunday of the church year, we are confronted with Christians who claim Jesus as the King of glory and those like us, who confess Christ to be the King of the cross.

The King of glory produces a Christianity focused on power, victory, success, and rewards. The King of the cross leads to a Christianity shaped by joining Christ in suffering, faithful discipleship and recognizing God has the sole source of our forgiveness, life and salvation.

As Lutheran Christians we confess the Christ of the cross who invites to rediscover a King not of power, success and rewards, but a King of love, service and sacrifice; a kingdom led by the One who was crucified that we might receive by grace alone through faith in Christ alone: forgiveness, life and salvation.

– Pastor Tim


  • Happy birthday to Sarah D., Ann N., Jeanne K., and Irma S.