Peace be with you

remembranceMy teenage years were filled with the history of World War II. I’m sure I had read or paged through every World War II book in our local library.

My fascination with war was never centered on some glorious view of war. Instead, I was interested in why wars start, how they are fought and how to keep from getting into such a mess again. This fascination led me to dream about ways to do that; ways to keep people at peace with one another.

This coming Tuesday we remember the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made so that people can have peace. Please take the time to attend one of these ceremonies.

Shalom-Counselling-Centre-of-AlbertaNext Sunday we will hear from Bonnie who works at the Shalom Counselling Centre in Red Deer. Their motto is “Helping Our Neighbours Find Peace.”

As a Christian congregation we proclaim that lasting peace can be experienced by God’s grace through faith in Christ alone. It is the forgiveness, life and salvation that Christ has offered everyone in his death that enables peace in our lives, in our communities and around the world.

Come join us this Sunday as we receive the peace of Christ that we may share that peace with the world.

– Pastor Tim


  • Happy birthday to Karen B., Ivy D., Karen R., Linda D., Anna D., Grant J., Arlene H., and Irene H.
  • Choir practice begins this Thursday at 6:30 pm.