What’s a Lutheran?

lutheranOn Sunday we vote on a new constitution. Pretty exciting, eh?

Okay, I know the answer is probably “NOT,” unless of course you’re one of those detail, admin types. But there’s more here than meets the eye.

Our constitution is like a treasure map pointing us to who God is and what God is up to.

Maybe you’re still not convinced that constitutions are that important and I don’t blame you. God’s been trying to reveal himself to people down through time and to show them the way to life, but it seems that only a few get it. I hope you’re one of them.

Not only does this constitution point to God and his saving mission, it also tells us who we are and what we’re to about. I’m talking about you and me and all those people who are baptized members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Yes, we’re part of the Church, Christ’s body that is called “Lutheran.” God has given us a special mission as part of that body just as he has given the other parts of Christ’s body (Baptists, Roman Catholics, Reformed, Anglicans…) a special mission.

The problem though is that I don’t think we really know who we are as Lutherans. Oh sure, we have that name on our building, but you talk to most of our people and some couldn’t tell you the difference between a Lutheran, a Buddhist and a Baptist. Some even suggest that it doesn’t matter, as long as we’re all about “God” or “Jesus” or maybe even just nice.

I guess if doesn’t matter, nothing really does. Church doesn’t matter. Whether you believe or what you believe doesn’t matter. How you live doesn’t matter or even how we treat each other doesn’t matter.

Well, I disagree. It does matter that God created us and that Christ died for us and that you and I were born and baptized and are members of this family called Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

It does matter that you and I are Christians of the Lutheran confession and this Sunday we want to gather together to worship the God of all Christians and all people and then to affirm the identity and the mission God has called us to as Trinity and as Lutherans.

Come and join us this coming Sunday in worship and affirmation.

A copy of our new constitution can be seen here.

– Pastor Tim


  • Happy birthday to Bobbi-Jo C. and Megan G.
  • Special Congregational Meeting: November 9