People helping people

Goz-Around-Logo“What goes around comes around.” That’s one of those sayings we’re all familiar with. It suggests that the good or bad we do to someone else will eventually ripple back to us.

There’s an organization in Edmonton called “GOZ around” that is trying to promote this concept by encouraging people to sign up if they have a need or to volunteer to meet those needs. There is even the possibility of redeemable reward points for those who do volunteer.

One can serve others at any time and I hope you have regular ways to help those in need. As Christians and as the church, we serve others because God first served us. Service is part of our renewed life in Christ. We do it not for any rewards, but as an expression of God’s love for all.

This week we will gather together to clean a neighbour’s yard, continue to bring donations for the food bank, bring a program to Legacy and in many other ways serve God and our neighbours.

Come join us in one of these ventures or give yourself in service to someone in need this week.


  • Happy birthday to Megan F., Connor H., Matthew S., Minnie B., Doreen R., Derek L., and Josh S.
  • Happy anniversary to Drew and Shirley D.,