Movements of the Spirit: Fishing

Fishers_of_MenMy first memory of fishing was sitting in a boat with my grandfather and feeling the pull of a Northern Pike as I reeled it in. Once netted my grandfather told me it was too small to keep and he unhooked it and threw it back into the lake for someone else to catch.

The final movement of the Spirit I have called fishing. In one of the earliest accounts of Jesus’ ministry he said to a group of fishermen (Matthew 4:19): “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.”

In this one sentence we are shown that life with God (following Jesus) has a definite purpose (fishing for people).

This coming Sunday I’d like us to consider what this fishing life is like. Is it a “bait, hook and haul in” type of life? Is it a “catch and release” program? Do we even have to fish at all?

Jesus invites you to come and see.

– Pastor Tim


  • Happy birthday this week to: Herb B., Austin M., Caleb S., Aleah M., Donna G., and Sarah K.
  • Welcome Home Sunday and Potluck: September 14