Movements of the Spirit: Formation

FormationFrom the moment we were conceived we were being formed. The DNA of chromosomes formed us physically, but also established within us certain predispositions that go far beyond who we are physically.

Our formation continued when we were born. It was from that point that our families and a broader network of social interactions began to shape us.

Those early years before the age of six are understood to be the most important period for both emotional and spiritual formation.

After age six children, adolescents and even we as adults come under the formation of powerful forces that are more subtle than obvious. Every time we turn on the TV or listen to the radio, read a magazine or book or just drive down a street lined with advertising, we are encountering “spirits” that attempt to shape us into their image.

As the Christian Church we proclaim that God has created us in His image. We carry God’s DNA, but our Creator’s image has been disabled from conception. It is that disability and the disease of sin that goes with it that grows stronger as worldly forces seek to contort us into something other than God’s image.

But thanks be to God there is another Spirit hovering over us and all creation.

This Sunday we consider the movement of the Spirit working to reform us into the image of God made visible in Christ.

Come and join us that God’s Spirit may reform you and those you care about.

– Pastor Tim


  • Happy birthday this week to: Sharon M., Janae M., Ulla T., Ashley G., Ryan F.
  • Happy anniversary this week to: Dale and Margaret W., Monica and Don B., Dallas and Jill M., Marty and Naomi M.
  • Community Worship Service…Sunday August 24 at the Curling Rink
  • Huge Garage Sale for Mission…August 21-23