Movements of the Spirit: Faith

FaithFrom last Sunday’s focus on the gift of forgiveness we move this week to the second step of the “God initiative” called “FAITH.”

The quote on the left suggests that “faith” is trusting something that may not make any sense right now.

People place their faith in lots of things,: money, political parties, sports and music stars, exercise and science, to name just a few.

A look back in history shows the unfaithfulness of these things we tend to trust. Money can’t buy you love, political parties are fickle, sports and music stars don’t even know who you are, exercise won’t keep you alive forever and science offers at best, a great guess based on everything standing still for a moment in time. This doesn’t mean these things don’t have a place, a time and a usefulness. It just means they are not worthy of our ultimate trust.

So what is? Philip Yancey, the author of the above quote points us to God.

God has revealed himself as both knowable and and yet largely unknowable, thus requiring faith. The faith we speak of here is not an effort of the human will, but a gift of God’s Word and Spirit which uses the springboard of what we know and experience about God to propel us into the arms of the God who has promised and has proven to be faithful.

I’d like to invite you to worship this Sunday as we explore this gift of faith. In the midst of everything else going on this summer, it will take the kind of faith described above to come to worship the God who promises to be faithful to us.

– Pastor Tim


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