Movements of the Spirit: Forgiveness

forgivenessThis summer I began a series entitled “Movements of the Spirit.” In the first two movements I’ve covered the importance of relationships (Friendships) and Christian Foundations.

Neither of these appear too threatening since most of us probably have friends and we think we know at least something about God.

The next movement of the Spirit, however, is far more challenging: Forgiveness.

Who do I need to forgive in my life or who do I need to ask for forgiveness? What grudges and lists of wrong do I hold onto and who have I hurt?

Just thinking about our wounds and the pain we may have caused others may be quite disturbing since many of us tend to hide those lists and avoid those we have hurt.

But how is it truly possible to establish friendships without forgiveness being the hand of peace we offer another? Or how is it possible to believe and confess those Christian foundations without trusting in the forgiveness of Christ that sends us out to proclaim the good news of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is not easy. Within the pain that many of us live with, how is it ever possible to forgive another or ask for forgiveness?

This Sunday we explore the movement of the Spirit that calls us to friendship and foundational security through the healing of Christ’s forgiveness. Come and join us on this journey.

– Pastor Tim


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