An Alternate World

seek-alternate-reality1-300x300Sometimes it feels like we as people live in multiple or alternate worlds.

I’ve been watching the World Cup in Brazil. People from around the world are going crazy over a game that involves two opposing teams trying to kick a ball into a net. The players on the two teams I just finished watching (Brazil and Chile) make a combined total of over one billion dollars annually.

Although I enjoy watching soccer I realize that it and many things like it represent a dark veil distracting us from a broken world that needs God’s love.

This coming Sunday Rev. Marty Tuer will be preaching. Marty is chaplain at the Centennial Centre. Most of you are familiar with this institution. It is a place that seeks to address the needs of people who are dealing with mental illness, brain injury and dementia.

In most cases clients of the Centennial Centre will never experience full recovery. However, they still represent people who need our ministry.

Henri Nouwen writes that…

Ministry is how we make the world more transparent to the other so that the world speaks of God and people are enlightened by the love of God.

What Nouwen means is that as we minister we help reveal the love of God. Through acts of ministry we reveal an alternate reality: the kingdom of God.

Please remember to thank Marty for her ministry of love at Centennial and ask her how you might be a minister there. We currently have three people who are residents there.

– Pastor Tim


  • Pastor Tim will be away on vacation from June 16-July 13
  • Visiting Pastors:
    • Marty Tuer (July 6) – Centennial Centre Chaplain
    • Lesley Hand (July 13) – On Eagles’ Wings
  • Huge Garage Sale for Mission…August 21-23