friends-618x413On Sunday I introduced the congregation to seven movements of the Spirit. This is what I referred to last week as F6-7 (“Factors 6-7”). That description was a bit too chemical sounding for me and I’ve changed this evolving idea to be more organic.

The first of these movements is “Friendship” and it is my hope that this will become the theme for this coming year (2014-2015).

I welcome this first movement because I don’t consider myself to an expert on friends or relationships. I’ve had a few people I could call friends, but like many people, I keep my walls too high and thick to let anyone inside to easily become my “friend.”

But that’s a problem for me and for us since friendship is like the bridge by which all the other movements of the Spirit travel over. Friendship is also the relationship God desires to have with us and through us with others.

So I invite you to join us on Sunday as we explore this first movement and to ask yourself, “Who are my friends?” and “How do I make friends?”

– Pastor Tim


  • Pastor Tim will be away on vacation from June 16-July 13
  • Visiting Pastors:
    • Bill Flath (June 22) – Retired
    • Seminarian Eric Osness (June 29)
    • Marty Tuer (July 6) – Centennial Centre Chaplain
    • Lesley Hand (July 13) – On Eagles’ Wings
  • Huge Garage Sale for Mission…August 21-23